Tuesday, November 22, 2011

No More "Smalling Up" of Me

"Small up" is a term used in Jamaica when riding the bus. Bus drivers get paid based on the number of people they transport,so they try to pick up as many passengers as possible. The bus "loader" helps the bus driver find passengers and squeeze people into the bus. When the bus appears full to the untrained eye the "loader" scans the bus and finds space where another person might fit. That's when the loader says "small up".  He means, "Move over and make room for someone else".

All that said to explain the name of the poem below.  I saw this poster up at a social service agency and wanted to share the poem. I liked the message that children should be encouraged to express and to be themselves. 
No More "Smalling Up" of Me
No more meekly saying
'yes' when my heart is is 
screaming 'no'
No more taming of my feelings
so my power won't show
No more hiding my exuberance
from disapproving eyes
No more watering down myself
so my spirit won't rise.

No more "smalling up" of me
pretending I'm not here
No more running from the music
and the spotlight's glare
No more living in this prison
barricaded by my fears
No more turning and retreating 
in the face of new frontiers.

Even as I am speaking
I am taking shape and form
harnessing my powers like a 
gathering storm
There's no obstacle so bold
as to dare stand in my way
I am taking back my life
and I am doing it today.
- Jean Wilson 
Kingston Jamaica

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KG said...

*claps* That's a poetic lesson for us all. :-)