Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Whale Watching in Samana, Happy Bday

Best Whale Shot
Originally uploaded by espinli.

What better way to celebrate my bday then to go whale watching and scratch it of from my list of things i gotta do in life. All in all it was a great experience as you can see we had quite a show with the whales jumping out of the water like torpedoes and flipping their tails and waving their fins. We had an excellent front seat view in a small motor boat . The excitement of seeing the whales out in their natural habitat made me forget for a minute that we were in a tiny boat in the middle of the sea far far away from land with HUGE mammals that could easily swallow me with one gulp.
Afterwards we relaxed on the beautiful Island of Cayo Levantado aka Bacardi Island. where we drank rum out of coconuts and basked in the sun on the sandy white beach for a few wonderful hours before heading back to reality.